"any given person can fill any given space in a certain amount of time" investigates, as an intervention into the public space, the idea of ubiquity and territorialization.


the work is essentially the second part of a diptych that started out in vienna in 2007 and which looked into a way of colonizing the space of a city perpetually  even after leaving that particular place.

by measuring up the volume of my body (this being the subject of the photograph that constitutes the first part of the diptych) and tracking all my movements for a period of a month i can estimate the total volume of air i occupy during that time



the work consists of a series of objects  gradually placed around the city.


they can have different textures and sizes but the essential criteria is that the sum of their volumes equals monthly the total volume i myself would physically occupy during all that time.


they should be unregulated/unguarded objects.


they are both an obstruction and a support as well as they may function as free carriers of expression

any given person functions both as an obstruction in the public space as well as a support. like any exploration, it apropriates but, at the same time it reveals and it offers back.  it obstructs from a physical point of view but it gives back a certain understanding of the place.


the nature of the object is to function as a container for the space it occupies but, at the same time, it carries with it an expression of that space, a personal rendition and understanding. some of this information might be in the form of different field recordings or sound materials based on the interaction with the environment. other times, it can be a drawing or a photograph or even a video. whatever the information or the medium though, the object is also a testimony of my presence in that space and, thus, stating it's own right  to be there.

in order to reapropiate the space, though, one has to put effort into the cube’s destruction or displacement, which in return will produce association and political interaction. any given person is not a political work, it is politics and it generates political attitudes. it is a mean to establish or re-evaluate a relation of power in the public space even from a distance.

man and dog using "the cubes" for rest/waiting/watching sunset or simply pondering on the meaning of life

a most important feature of these objects is that they are not to be regulated or protected. they are not part of an "exhibition" but of a colonisation of the public space. they have to stand for themselves and they are there to be engaged whenever the "public" considers it is already too much or sees it necessary. at least part of them (that don't require a stable power feed or any other infrastructure) should be mobile. they are not easy to move but dislocating them should be possible just as destroying them as well. the loose elements should ideally carry a gps transmitter so they can be located and mapped in real time

example of "cubes" dispersed around in a public space as seen from above

any given person can fill any given space in a certain amount of time