Where is the word is a paraphrasing (both in title and in intention) of one of the last poems written by Samuel Beckett, "What is the word". The work deals with the process of looking for that ideal something only to prove, with the active help of the receiver, the practical futility of such an effort.

Technically, it consists of a magnetic tape of variable dimensions on which i have recorded the reading of the Beckett's poem. Next to it there is a tape head connected to an amplifying system, which one can use to read the tape. The precision required for this theoretically possible action is simply too much for the human person to achieve, leaving us in return with a whole diverse and unique texture of sounds and scratches which becomes gradually our own personal vocabulary and which one can use to create new meanings and structures.

Where is the word is one the works where the medium and the support sabotage the very content which they carry only to direct us towards not an interpretation process but a creative one.