let me tell u a story about america,

that great country

of brave men

who are afraid of nipples


i've walked ur streets

and i've walked ur sidewalks too, america

wherever there was one to be found


u got teenagers

wandering about in ur streets, america,

shooting assault rifles

for fun


and that is a fact

cause i seen it with my own eyes


kids who don't know shit about life

but ever eager

and ever ready

to take one


or two


or three


or however many it takes

to quench their thirst

for an identity



i shot one of them guns

tried to spell my name with it


they asked me if i had fun




so what does it mean to be an american



we all know about the american woman


we know it from pop songs

and blues and rock'n'roll

and pretty pictures

and jazz

these days she's filling our ears

and hearts

with beats and poetry of change

but tell us about ur men, america

cause they make us very anxious




u know they got poets

and they got doctors in cleveland

and empty spaces and guns


and there's a brother named T

and a little sister named kat

with the voice of an angel

and there's jermaine

and all his cousins

feeding on hope

and african beats



yes they got guns in cleveland

and poets

and doctors

and beats